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Innovation seems to be a popular “buzz word” these days, especially in business and technology. But Waxman has been successfully creating leading-edge, quality solutions for the home for nearly a century. While Waxman was originally founded as a plumbing products company, the team quickly began to leverage its product design and robust engineering capabilities to develop even more solutions for the entire home.

Today, Waxman still develops industry-leading plumbing products and accessories, as well as showers and floorcare products; however, as our lives become more digital — and our homes become even smarter — Waxman is also becoming a leader in smart home solutions and components, as well as other products that will help make our fast-paced lives that much simpler and easier at home.

Our innovation is founded on three primary principles:
1. Thought Leadership
2. Design and Engineering
3. Voice of the Consumer

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