Waxman CPG is committed to protecting the future of our national and local water supplies by providing you with high-quality, water efficient products.  We are proud to be manufacturer partners with the EPA and their WaterSense program.

The WaterSense label assures consumers that they are purchasing a product that will reduce water use and could lower water bills, without sacrificing quality or performance.

The typical American family of four consumes more than 400 gallons of water every day, and on average approximately 70 percent of that water is used indoors. But the typical American family could save nearly 30,000 gallons per year simply by installing water-efficient fixtures in your home.

Waxman is committed to producing water-efficient products for your home.  We currently produce high efficiency lavatory faucets, aerators and more.

Our WaterSense labeled products perform as well or better than less efficient counterparts and can help your do your part to protect the environment and save on utility bills.

Learn more about the benefits of water efficiency and find links to related resources and state programs by visiting the WaterSense Web site.